Registration Form – Street Photo Walk,Marina Beach,Chennai

Relaxed Walks, Pretty Sunrises, Elaborate entertainment, traditional Indian Street food and Historical Landmarks make this one of the Chennai Liveliest beaches.

Marina Beach is a fascinating combination of Nature, architecture and Entertainment. This long stretch of golden sand overlooks the Bay of Bengal, with glorious blue-green water lapping at its shores. Marina beach presents a breezy respite from Chennai searing heat and is a place enjoyed by local residents and tourist alike!

Everyone knows that Marina, the world’s second largest urban beach is a thriving economical ecosystem for many small-time entrepreneurs. The photo series, titled as “Marina people” aims to capture the energy, enterprise and hopes of the fisherman and vendors who earn a living through fishing or setting up stalls on the beach. The series provides a never before seen insight into the stories of the people whose lives revolve around this hotspot.

A team of Madras Photo bloggers will assist the participants to photograph and document stories of the fisherman as they begin to arrive at the shore after their early morning catch. The team will also help to capture candid images of vendors as they go about their daily lives. The images will be put up for display in Madras Photo Bloggers Website to honor the participants!

Venue: Gandhi Statue, Marina Beach

Date & Time: 21-Jan-2018, 6:00AM to 8:00 AM

Lenses: Carry Wide angle & 35mm lenses

Coordinator : Haris & Charles
Contact No : +91 99406 20268 & +91 94438 75626

Entry ticket : Rs 200


Account Details 

Beaumoments  Private Ltd,

Account Number:  9170 2008 3841 038

IFS Code:  UTIB 0001596

Axis Bank, South Mada Street, Mylapore, Chennai – 600004

Please share the screen shot at [email protected] once you transfer the amount.