Madras Photo Bloggers Presents Food Bloggers Meet, Chennai

Some eat to live. Some live to eat! Do you like food? Do you try new food places? Do you try out new recipes?   Food has always played a very vital role in the society. Be it eating out or making it at home, it is one of the intimate processes in our day to day life.  Chennai being a melting pot of various cultures and traditions, has amazing food scene. Which goes to show how much we appreciate good food. But the appreciation comes in a lot of varieties, and appreciating good food in a befitting way is an art for it makes others want to explore the things we’ve tasted.
This is a shout-out to everyone who is interested in food appreciation to come be a part of this meet where we aim to bring photographers and writers together so we can improve our food reviews and blogs with better content and pictures.
Madras Photo Bloggers presents The city’s first of its kind food bloggers meet.
If you are a serious food critique, or an average Zomato reviewer, or just a person who wants to know how to appreciate good food online and through pictures and written content, this is for you!
Date: 10- Feb -2018
Time : 11 :00 AM to 12 :00 Noon
Venue will be announced soon
Coordinator : Haris
Contact Number : 9940620268