Idli and Madras Sambar

அண்ணா சாம்பார் !!

I bet, no one would have missed this call when you are in a south Indian restaurant.

Sambhar being a south Indian curry has wide variances across all the states. But the traditional Madras Tiffin Sambhar or the idli sambhar is a trademark of Chennai’s food scenes.

Golden yellow split pigeon peas boiled with fresh ripe tomatoes and shallots, spiced up with ground chillies and coriander, fenugreek, mustard , asafoetida and finally seasoned with cumin seeds and curry leaves.

The heavenly pleasure when you check in at a Mylapore breakfast joint, cleaning the banana leaf with a handful of water , the Madras sambhar poured where you control its flow on the leaf using the jasmine soft idlis. Breaking down and devouring to relish the morning joy after a peaceful sleep the previous night, this Idli Sambhar combo has been the classic breakfast material for centuries.

Medhu vada, the dough nut shaped deep-fried ground lentil savoury, tags along this combo to finish up the meal on the crunchy note.

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