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The main motive of this blog would be to showcase how Chennai is tremendously rich in art, tradition and cultural form.

Madras bloggers won’t only focus on culture, art and tradition but also the unnoticed events and lifestyle of the city.

* We also focus on launching photo books and it’s importance.
* The food culture.
* How is Chennai an important example for the motto ” University in Diversity”
* Emphasize the language Tamil.
* We will also have open discussion topics for politics, general commercial and education aspects.
* Provide as a platform for enthusiasts of any positive nature
Now, Madras Photo bloggers are looking for volunteers and intern to be part of small projects including  creative event planning, guest authors and marketing .
It will be paid/ unpaid intern since it requires photography or writing or organizing skill to involve such activities.
If you sign up such activities, we will contact you through mail.

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