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26 Ways to love Chennai Alphabetically

Facts About Madras

26 Ways to love Chennai Alphabetically


Chennai is a city, but Madras is an emotion.

Madras, when we pronounce these six letters, a thousand of stories pop up randomly starting from the people and their random act of kindness, food and its taste, culture and its richness, landscapes and its history-making all of us smile as a symbol of love towards our singara Chennai!

These emotions are priceless and MadrasPhotobloggers make a point to capture these emotions as a memoir to celebrate life every single day, come rain or shine.

As we celebrate Madras’ 379th  birthday, two young street photographers cum engineering students Isaac Samraj (resident of Neyveli) and Prem Irudayaraj, discover Chennai alphabetically.

On asking them how they came up with this idea, their answers were:

“We got inspired by the idea of city-based architect Ravi Kumar Nair, who created a poster on the same”.

Though being new to street photography, in a short span of time they have acquired the skills by  attending photo walks and directing their dream: FREEZE, CAPTURE,

Let’s plunge into their discovery!!!


The fourth busiest airport in India,

shines as the fireflies to transport people over a particular time.

B. M. Birla Planetarium

The most modern planetarium in India,

acts as the hub of space science to introduce your inner-child to know the unknown or the life above you.

Central Railway station

The most prominent landmarks of Chennai,

lets you discover people and places of the other side.

Dare house

An art-deco building,

Painted in white left with magic inside.

Egmore Railway Station

Is another prominent landmarks of Chennai,

Built in gothic style.

Fort St.George

The pillars of power,

Acts as the birthplace of the modern Indian Army.

Grand Chola

The third largest hotel in India,

Themed after the traditional Tamilian Architecture of the Great Chola Dynasty.


India’s oldest bookshop,

To import and export books across the globe.

Ice house

Then a place to store ice,

Now its Vivekanandar Illam who delivered seven electrifying speeches.

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

A multipurpose stadium,

which has seen success and failure yet teaches us winning is not important but participating does.

Karumuttu Center

A brick colored building

To use a glass facade first time in Chennai.

LIC Building

Insurances life,

Reduces problems!

Also, the first skyscraper in Chennai.

Madras Christian College

Is one of Asia’s oldest extant colleges,

of inhabitants from across the world.

National Art Gallery

Is one of the oldest art galleries in India,

Under renovation.

P.Orr & Sons

Then, the watch and clock chain store, to sell the first Rolex watch for Rs198,

Now, a heritage building, still in operation.

Queen Mary’s College

The first women’s college in the city,

And the third oldest women’s college in India,

To empower WOMEN from all backgrounds.

Ripon Building

The seat of the Greater Chennai Corporation,

Solving people’s problem,

And also serving the most heartwarming full meal for Rs 15.

St. George’s Cathedral

A Church of South India,

Uniting people through prayers, both said and unsaid.


Is one of the largest IT parks in Asia,

Where love evolves into weddings.

University of Madras

Built in the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture,

Incorporating many elements of the Byzantine style,

Thus clearly says education is universal.

Victoria Public Hall

A historical building with British architecture,

Then served as a theatre,

Now planning to exhibit sound and light show.

War Memorial

Though marks the beginning of the 13-km-long Marina beach,

Carries our towering National flag throughout the year to instill a feeling of oneness and patriotism amongst all the citizens.

Xpress Avenue

The destination mall in India,

Acts as the home to the largest gaming arcade in South India.


An oldest NGO network,

To empower young people physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.


The largest public Zoo,

Housing 2,553 species of flora and fauna!

It’s our duty now to preserve these memories and construct more, so our future generation celebrate #MadrasDay with joy and pride !!

Words by: Amritha Prem

Pictures By: Isaac Samraj and Prem Irudayaraj