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As a community of photographers, we believe in supporting and uplifting one another. There are so many talented artists in our city that make us proud wherever they go. Here are some notable photographers whose work will make you want to buy a camera right away and plunge into this fulfilling profession.

1) Rupesh Aravind – @rupesharavind_photography

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ – This was the first thought that came to my mind when I saw Rupesh Aravind’s photographs. Every portrait carries a certain aura – be it of a child or a woman, their eyes seem to be speaking to you. The clever use of colour tones and temperature add to the character of the portrait, giving it an enchanting feel. Rupesh is also the founder of ‘Nimitham Wedding Photography – ‘a good omen’ as he calls it! His photographs represent the perfect blend of impeccable skill, elegance, and soul.


2) Amrita Samant – @mommyshotsbyamrita

Did you just hear someone say (or said it yourself) that, ‘babies are annoying’? Well, take a look at Amrita’s page and we’ll see how you feel about it then! Inspired by capturing every moment of her sister’s twins, Amrita found her passion for Maternity and Child Photography and has taken the ‘baby world’ by storm ever since. Her innate motherly instinct and patience are vividly seen through her photographs, as she effortlessly captures their giggles and looks with the cutest props and sets you could imagine. Her photographs exhibit positivity and light, as she makes motherhood look absolutely divine and their babies like little angels from heaven (no, really, you have to see it to believe it).

3) Ashwin V – @ace._photography

A food stylist and photographer, Ashwin V doesn’t just click amazing photographs of food (I’m so hungry now) but also follows a certain pattern on his Instagram page which is unique to his style and very interesting. He uploads his photographs in threes – Raw & Unedited, Edited and Behind The Scenes; this is an absolute boon for aspiring photographers as he decodes his photography process and provides all the relevant information for every picture, from lighting to camera angles and styling tips to placement. This makes his photography work authentic, intriguing and oh, so delicious!

4) Vipin Vijayan – @vipinphotography

Ever heard of the term ‘Picture Perfect’? – that is how every photograph on wedding photographer Vipin Vijayan’s page is like. The bride and the groom are captured in well thought out, creative frames portraying young love with utmost grace – each photograph telling you a different story. We love how he generously and effortlessly plays with textures and vibrant hues, along with quirky angles and innovative lighting. He has managed to strike the balance between allowing real emotions and moments to unfold between couples while still maintaining the quality and prowess of his work.

5) Mobin Kurien – @mobinkurien

The fashion industry is constantly evolving, locally as well as globally. Fashion & Advertisement photographer Mobin Kurien is equally unstoppable. Having shot for the industry’s finest artists and companies, Mobin’s conceptualisation ability is one of a kind. I personally love how every photo has a certain spirit attached to it, which is a result of his attention to detail and creative vision. Eye-catching locations, aesthetic colour palettes, flawless lighting and a little bit of his magic; he is on a mission to capture life, he says, and we believe that he is already on top of the ladder!

6) Sathvika – @helloexcusemewhat

As I scrolled through my Instagram feed, I happened to stumble upon Sathvika’s page and found myself lost in her feed, instantly transporting me to a land of old books, fresh flowers, and hot lemon tea. Simple and raw, creatively abstract and adorned with the right amount of sunlight, her photographs speak a different language; one that is soothing to both your eyes and your soul. Saathvika has perfected the skill of keeping it minimalistic, yet aesthetic, something that many millennials aspire to do. Her page is an absolute treat, I promise!

7) Neetesh Kumar – @neetesh_photography

We can all agree on one thing; Madras is not just a city for us, but an emotion. We feel deeply connected to our streets, people, and culture. Neetesh’s photographs make these surroundings and everyday activities happening around us look serene and powerful, leaving you feeling some of that Madrasi pride. You will find interesting photographs of festivals and city locals, but more so of our beaches and fishermen, portrayed in various moods and settings. Men at work before sunrise, children playing, the sun setting and birds flying – he makes the simple and ordinary look out of this world!

8) Munish Palaniappan – @munish.palaniappan

Going on a wildlife safari sounds super exotic and fun, right? All you got to do is scroll through Munish’s photographs and every picture will tell you a tale of the wild! This wildlife photographer knows his way through the woods, into the jungle, and amidst beautiful animals; all while carrying his super large lens and a heart full of passion. Munish is also a Motorsports photographer, which is no surprise given his thirst for adventure. Both being challenging and dynamic genres, it requires one to be patient yet swift during shoots, an art he has mastered.