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A Cheap way to protect your camera and lens from Holi colors.

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A Cheap way to protect your camera and lens from Holi colors.


A Cheap way to protect your camera and lens from Holi colors.

HOLI wala ! while this festival is one of the most interesting one we have, it is also celebration that doesn’t spare anyone. Not even your camera, for that matter. Well, Shooting the color festival can be tricky as you and your gear will get covered in color powder and water. There are a lot of posts that will have you scared to take your camera to Holi Festival. But I want to share my own color proof seal for the Holi festival of colors that managed to keep my camera completely clean for under Rs250

Shopping List :

  • Cling film
  • Magic tape
  • Polyethene Transparent
  • 2 Cheap UV filter (one as back up)

I have to protect the entire camera from colour during the holi and leave only the UV filter and lens hood exposed to Colors. I found a way to seal my gear despite I experimented many times and this is what I came up with.

  • Pull out the cling film to certain extent and place the camera in the middle of untangled cling film. The best way to get the seal is to wrap around the camera three or four times.

  • Use scissor to cut the cling film on the shutter button, cap area and view finder. So, It will be easier to


  • Magic tape, a perfect mending thing can be used to seal the exposed area near the buttons. It can be teared into two lines since it will be broader and fix it on the exposed area.

  • Always pick one lens to shoot the festival since you will not get chance to change in the middle. I suggest to use either wide angle lens or prime lens if you are loving to shoot more portraits.
  • Wrap around the lens like the way I mentioned for camera body but please ensure that there could be enough space for zoom/focus rotation.

  • Fix the exposed part using magic tape and attach it with Camera body. It will look perfect though it requires further protection

  • So, make a small cut in the middle of closed part of medium sized Polyethene transparent cover and place the lens hood. Ensure that it should be fixed using magic tape and leave the hole in the middle.

  • Attach the hood with the lens and UV filter. Now, polyethene transparent cover provides additional protection since it extends till elbow.

It’s the best to try it before the event happens as it requires more practices. It ensures the quality in making good images as well. I learned a lot by experimenting many times though. My color proof sealing was flawless at Holi Festival and I stood at the centre of the crowd and got color thrown right at the lens!

Pictures are taken by Srinivas G and copyright protected to https://www.traveltalesbysrivatsan.com/