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A feast for the eyes- A Chanceyilla Photowalk on George Town Flower Market

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A feast for the eyes- A Chanceyilla Photowalk on George Town Flower Market


The Morning Calls

The dawn at George Town Flower Market, Parry’s Corner rhymes a harmony between the standstill archaic structures and the bustling activity of the market. On such a crisp morning, Madras Photo Bloggers conducted the Chancey-illa Photowalk in collaboration with Times of India. Srivatsan Sankaran led the group of 43 participants, starting with an energetic pep talk at 6.


The sky was set low for the market. The crimson red roses under the limelight and the bright yellow marigold impersonating the sun were the perfect color palette for the participants. The morning smoked several cups of coffee and a few cheap cigarettes. Most of the vendors and buyers were friendly and posed voluntarily for the pictures. The unloading trucks, the wrinkled laborers and the contrasting shutters formed interesting subjects and frames with space for new perspectives. The shopkeepers cried out their prices by the kilo, the loaded vehicles moved slowly with horns blasting and the porters walked by yelling their presence. The environment was arbitrary, paused only in the perfect shots.

A fruit market was in close quarters to the busy street. Although with less competition than the flowers, the green banana bunches were put on a private show. The natural light on the shopkeepers formed interesting portraits. Even though it was hard to be unperturbed the metallic ching-ching horns of the cycle rickshaws, it was worth it.

From the horse’s mouth

The participants were from different backgrounds. Srivatsan was more than happy to look at their photos on the go. He suggested ways to take the idea into a better picture. The first-timers, Sabarish and Vishal, were intrigued by the chaos. Roshan, a final year SRM student, was on the fourth walk with MPB. Sandeep from Bhubaneswar highlighted the spectrum of colors in his photos. Sam Moses realized the opportunity to play with the light through different perspectives. The pictures from the participants spoke as the successful feedback of the event.

After two hours of stardom, the market resumed its everyday routine. The last Photowalk of 2018 by the Madras Photo Bloggers and Times of India had an overwhelming turn over of people and photographs. Srivatsan Sankaran gave a short vote of thanks to the group and concluded the Chancey-illa Photowalk.


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