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Amrita Samant – The Nuances of Newborn & Child Photography

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Amrita Samant – The Nuances of Newborn & Child Photography


A Sony Photography Artisan, A Profoto Mentor and a member of the International Association of Newborn Photographers – Amrita Samant is a woman who has worn many hats, broken taboos and tapped into a niche market to become a successful, celebrated and greatly loved Maternity, Newborn and Child Photographer.

Read on to know her story!

How did you start your journey as a photographer? 

Having a comfortable corporate job, while also exploring various creative fields, Amrita began to realise that she was made to do something different, something beyond her choices so far. “Photography started as an interest. I started helping a friend with Wedding Photography. This really helped me get my hands dirty, learn and improve immensely through trial and error.” Her journey with babies began when she started to capture every moment of her sister’s twins. “Capturing them was part of my daily routine. That’s where the comfort with babies grew beyond just loving these little humans”, said Amrita.

How did you develop your passion for “Child Photography”? 

Amrita being the artistic person she is, spent every free minute studying the art of photography and still does. “I would dedicate time to just learn new things. I watched youtube videos, took online classes and consistently practiced every day to improve my skill,” she said. With a lot of experimenting, research and time, she found her absolute true calling. “A strong brain wave made me realise that I could combine two of my favourite things – Photography and Babies. The question at hand though, was how would I be unique in this space? That’s when it struck me; I could specialise and create a niche with photographing children. I sensed a huge gap in the market and decided to close it.” said Amrita.

What was it like when you made the switch from a secure corporate life to starting your own company? 

Letting go of your current set up to follow your passion is no joke, especially when you actually liked your job, unlike others who have done the same. “Having to work around the clock and still maintain a routine, moving from a work environment with colleagues to suddenly working alone can get lonely,” she said. “From pricing to marketing, learning social media to an extent that your voice is heard above all the noise, not getting complacent, and improving over time. It was a slow process but an interesting one. Feedback from reliable people was my game-changer,”. I think Amrita beautifully explained this transition when she said, “I think entrepreneurship chose me, while I chose the arts.”

What are some of the challenges you face as a ‘Newborn & Child Photographer’? 

Breaking into a market filled with taboos of capturing their infant’s images was one of Amrita’s biggest challenge. “Concerned new mums would ask me if it was safe to do a photoshoot of their infants. This required educating our clients, one at a time, through blogs, behind-the-scenes videos, and photos to help them understand the environment we create, the safety precautions taken and hygiene maintained while working with children,” said Amrita. She has done intensive research on child psychology, courses on newborn safety and anything that helped her better understand the nuances of her profession.

What inspires you the most? 

It is said that children are god’s most precious creation. They help us learn and unlearn, laugh a little louder and live a little more and no one would agree more than Amrita – “I draw my inspiration from my little clients. Kids are real, genuine, honest, and funny. Conversations and time spent with them during shoots help me think like them with no boundaries. Learning to hone my craft with them is not only special, its the most incredible journey I’ve set out to be on”.


Dealing with children is not an easy task. How do you typically handle them during shoots? 

“The most important thing is to shoot during a baby’s routine playtime after they’ve had a good nap and are well fed. With my subjects, being as unpredictable as they are, I have to work with improvising on the spot at every shoot,” said Amrita. She is impressively patient and hence is always ready for any situation that arises. “The best part is that my little humans are naturally very happy – we just have to make sure our process doesn’t trouble them and not the other way around,”.

What would your advice be to aspiring photographers? 

“The one advice I give everyone is – do what makes you happy. If you are passionate and can make a great product/service (with prior research of validating it in the market), the money will follow. Just dive head-on into what you love doing.” Amrita also believes in supporting, helping and learning from other entrepreneurs and flourishing as an ecosystem, together. “I know for sure that this is the only way forward. We need to support each other endlessly and move from a competitor mindset into a collaborative/community mindset,”.

Amrita and her work are both like a breath of fresh air, exhibiting positivity, love, and light. Her journey is not just inspiring but makes you believe in the results of hard work and zeal. With all that she had to say, I tried my best to include every bit of our conversation for you’ll and I hope this leaves you feeling as encouraged and energised as it left me.