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An evening enchanted : Short and Sweet Theatre Festival

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An evening enchanted : Short and Sweet Theatre Festival


The 8th annual short play festival, Prakriti foundation’s Short and Sweet commenced with Wild Cards-1 on 3rd of July. Every year, it is flocked by the ever-growing theatre fraternity of Chennai
This segment brought together nine plays by various theatre groups and college clubs. The show ran both English and Tamil plays. It started off with a performance by Iyal Theatre Company, a delicately set monologue by actress Ashwani that revolved around the story of a young actress on success, heartbreak, and the right moment. This was followed by a thrilling cop chase, named Mission Arogara, wherein Janaki Suresh plays a detective who solves a puzzling case and philosophies “What would be the consequences if a fence destroys the crops it is supposed to protect?”
The Snow Angel of Antarctica brings out human vulnerability at the face of mortality, two siblings reveal their past to each other while facing the end of the world on a journey to the South Pole.
Breaking the fourth wall, Vechi Senjuruvom showed a corpse puppeteering the flow of the homicide committed, taking us on a trip with a playing on metaphysical levels.
Thevanadaiyal subverses the patriarchial narrative. The dialogues targets everything from shame in womanhood and the oxymoronic hypersexualisation of the female form. It talks about women not being granted agency over their life all in a sarcasm laced script brilliantly executed by the cast, especially Vinithra Menon playing the Woman. Maraivin Thodakkam also highlights a social issue with a monologue of a refugee about his struggles with asylum seeking and adjusting to a new home country.
A Mortality Play has the audience in roars of laughter with the antics of a young vampire who defies his coven leader so he could love his human girlfriend free of judgment. After failing to gain approval of the leader, he announces that he would get a “vampsectomy” to leave his vamphood behind.
Kaveri clinches “Play of the Day” with a Tamil drama exploring the intricacies of how people’s perspectives vary and how it shapes their life. It featured proud dialogues and relate-able characters.

An article and photographs by Drishya . She is associating with Madras Photo Bloggers Team as a writer and editor.

For more details, Please check the event – https://bit.ly/2NY10TC


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