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Chennai and Its deep blue sea – In drove with Rakesh Baro

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Chennai and Its deep blue sea – In drove with Rakesh Baro


Namma chennai’s landmark, besant Nagar beach is one beautiful destination for mouth-watering food and a central hub for creating History gifts its people a calm and a serene mind whenever they set their footsteps on the pale cream to golden colored sands. The stills rocks, canoe type boats painted in bright colors and the rectangular blocks of houses compliments its beauty! It harbors millions of stories untold and the creepy, white colored waves’ rushing in and out answers millions of questions every day between dawn and the dusk. For few people, water is an adventurous sport or recreational activity but for many, it’s their bread and butter. Between the sea and shore, fight plastics as hundreds of life live beneath it.

Rakesh Baro, an IT employee by profession and a photographer by passion began capturing stills since 2012 using his Nikon point and shoot camera followed which he upgraded to Nikon D750 and Nikon D3 to capture wildlife and birding, and landscape, astro respectively at the United States. His inspiration comes from National Geographic Your Shot Community – where experts from around the world publish their photos and appreciate one another. At 2017, he gradually fell in love with aerial photography and gifted himself a phantom 4 advanced drone camera. His first aerial shot captured at Kitch-Iti-Kipi, UP (Upper Peninsula) was published on NatGeo, daily dozen making him super happy. The young champ who is back to Chennai at present is capturing various beaches of our namma chennai beautifully through his drone camera above sea level.

Thanks Amritha prem for the wonderful article and please check Rakesh’s images below

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