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Mentor Programme by Madras Photo Bloggers 2020


The MPB Mentoring Program plan will serve as a framework and roadmap to identify Mentoring Program priorities and designates roles, responsibilities, and criteria for meeting those priorities. The program plan will provide a systematic process for students to carry out its mission of providing lifelong, blended learning and developmental opportunities in photography.

The major function of the MPB Mentoring Program is to promote and teach the photography skills and to facilitate successful completion of the program. It will also serve as a key succession-planning tool aimed at ensuring the Agency has the right kind and number of diverse leaders to achieve mission success. Specific goals,guidance, roles, responsibilities, and criteria will be identified for implementing the program across MPB and will be in Accordance with our privacy policy for MPB mentoring Program.


Benefits of Mentorship Program

  • Get to lead interactive yet interesting events such as workshops, learning sessions etc
  • Spread your ideas across fresh minds to inspire and get inspired
  • Collaborate with top brands and imbibe use of new upgrades to community
  • Be an important part of one of the fastest growing photography community
  • Mentor a community of student photographers, passionate about the field