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Self-learning or an interactive session? Which is the better one?


Self-learning or an interactive session? Which is the better one?


Every year, many workshops about the basics of photography are being conducted in a number of places to gain the experience but the knowledge of the participants is not similar. It’s a place where they can learn new skills and connect with like minded people.

With gatherings this diverse how do you decide whether you should attend a workshop or not? Does it really help you? What should bring you to attend the session?

Attending workshop can be not only a great way of experiencing different kinds of photography, but an opportunity to approach your photography and philosophy with a new perspective. The inspiration and motivation can be a game changer for your photography in all aspects!

Why should you attend an interactive session?

  • You have an instructor who clarifies your doubts, concepts and myths and this is the right opportunity to pick his brain to explore a new perspective. Since online learning is a one way process, this is one good opportunity to explore practically what you learn online.
  • You will be fully focused in the entire process. A non-distracting session will accelerate the process.
  • You collaborate and work with other participants in figuring out things. It helps to establish the brain storming session.
  • You can be extremely motivated by an exposure and enthusiasm when people share their learning. Inspiration is the key to catalyse the learning.
  • You will be naturally tuned to set vision to gain expertise in a specific field after gaining exposure to various perspectives.

So what are you waiting for?

You may find a lot of free tutorials in online to learn the basics of photography but it will not help until you put it to practice. Experiential learning gives that motivation. We, Madras Photo bloggers is not only offering an opportunity to have an experiential learning session with Srivatsan but also gives new dimension to comprehend the other side of making good images.

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