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Wedding Photography In It’s Purest Form – Pon Prabhakaran, Chennai

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Wedding Photography In It’s Purest Form – Pon Prabhakaran, Chennai


Weddings are a celebration of love, family, and togetherness, tied into a lifelong bond through deep-rooted traditions, making it one of the most special days in an individuals life. We carry these memories in our hearts, and wedding photographers make sure it lasts for a lifetime. Pon Prabhakaran is one such photographer, who has perfected the art of capturing candid wedding moments through his unique perspective. As a self-taught artist, with many accolades to his name, he discovered wedding photojournalism as his forte and thus began his journey. 

Weddings are never out of season, and so is the job of its photographer. What according to you is special about wedding photography? 

From the morning hustle-bustle while all get decked up, to walking down the aisle; from their wedding vows to when they bade goodbye to their loved ones, a wedding photographer shares the joy and warmth of every moment with them. There is a personal connection that you build with your client, as you closely travel with them, which can sometimes transform into cherished friendships. “For me, it is all about people. Their parents, friends and everyone attending the wedding – capturing their natural emotions and making them relive that very feeling when they look at their photographs is what makes it so special’’, said Pon.   

Where does your passion for photography stem from?

“This is all I knew, and hence was my source of bread and butter. But the people at the studio I worked in were very helpful”, said Pon. After losing his father at a young age, who was also a photographer, Pon didn’t know that years later he’d follow his very footsteps. With a lot of hard work and working odd jobs at a photo lab, he found himself more and more inclined towards photography. “I would ask them lots of questions and after many trials and errors, I found myself enjoying photography and building my skill as well’, he said. “In 2012 I attended a workshop by Selva Prakash sir and Senthil Kumaran anna which was a major turning point in my life. My perspective towards wedding photography changed and this marked the beginning of a journey filled with learning, exploring and creating honest and beautiful wedding photographs” he added. 

We see new wedding photos on social media every day, but there is a unique texture and mood in your photographs. What brings about this charm? 

“One must learn to strike a balance between capturing reality while also maintaining its aesthetic feel”. said Pon. Clients and photographers must interact and share their viewpoints in order to capture the important moments. “It is not always about aesthetic bouquets and wedding ring close-ups. I like to focus on peoples emotions and capture that smile or look that is not posed. Wedding photography in its purest form is when the focus is on catching true moments of love, that remain intact in your photographs forever”, he said. 

What advice would you give to an aspiring photographer?

“Observe a lot of photography work and take lots of photographs – It is the best way to experiment and find your niche.”, said Pon. “There is no right or wrong method in photography. What is important is that you treat your subject with dignity and respect their personal space, as it is an art form that must make you feel something, rather than aiming to just produce “a good photo”, he added.  

Apart from Pon Prabhakaran’s simplicity and humility as a person, he inspired me to be true to myself and my art and is here to inspire other young photographers to be unapologetically original.